The Doggie Digs in our all-inclusive pet resort offer a spacious and comfortable place for your dog to relax after a busy day. We offer a wide range of accommodations to best suit your pet’s size, weight and personality. Each of our rooms has individually controlled air-conditioned units, as well as air exchange units so fresh air is constantly filtered in to provide a comfortable environment for your pets.

Our comfort runs measure 18, 20 and 28 feet and they each have an ergonomic bed to make sure your canine is comfortable. Every room comes with amenities, including access to the outdoor playground and swimming pool.

If your pets prefer to share a room with their sibling, multi-pet pricing is available. For pets that prefer the celebrity treatment, consider our luxury suites.

Luxury Suites – If your pet demands the highest level of accommodations, consider one of our luxury suites. Our private and posh rooms measure 35 square feet. They offer soft bedding with cushioned mattresses. Your pet will get their very own flat-screen television to watch all their favorite shows as well as an extra level of attention from our courteous caregivers.

All of our special services are available for your pampered pet, but make sure you make your reservations early. We have only a small number of luxury suites to offer. Call us today to book your suite!

*For your dog to stay in our digs, they must be current on their rabies vaccine, distemper vaccine, hepatis/adenovirus vaccine and their annual Bordetella vaccine.