Pacetti Road Pet Spa is a pet spa and resort located in St. Augustine, FL. We provide boarding, daycare, grooming and spa services for canine and feline companions. Our 10,000-square-foot facility and our extraordinary staff offers the ultimate in comfort and care for your pets. Each of our rooms has individually controlled air-conditioned units, as well as air exchange units so fresh air is constantly filtered in to provide a comfortable environment for your pets.

Our outdoor playground features a high-tech irrigation system to ensure the turf remains clean and fresh. Our swimming pool offers a place for your pooch to cool off, while getting even more exercise. We also feature a secure, shaded dog run area and nature walks with our fitness experts.

Your pets can relax in our Doggie Digs, Kitty Condos or in one of our Luxury Suites that features their own private room with soft bedding, a flat-screen television and lots of love from our caregivers!