Lisa - Professional Pet Stylyst

LisaLisa brings with her the experience of working in a spa environment as well as being training from some of the best groomers and show judges in the nation. Lisa graduated from the Merryfield School of pet grooming and trained with Irina (Pina) Pinkusevich, who is presently the top groomer in the world, as well as Michael Lamb, Master Groomer, Confirmation judge, grooming competition judge, show dog handler and one of the top poodle breeders in America. From these mentorships, Lisa gained a unique set of skills and she is thrilled to bring them to the grooming table here at Pacetti Road Pet Spa. These skills include: extensive hand scissoring; unique styles; hand stripping; carding; and a great love and passion for animals.  She has mastered the fine art of Poochie Perfection and is looking forward to meeting her new canine clients.


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